"The students were riveted to the screen, especially when showing the film and photos of fetal development."
Cindy Lloyd, Health Teacher, Indian Hills Middle School

ABC / Kane's Academy Award
nominated documentary film

Journey into Life:
The World of the

Life Begins divides 45 minutes from Journey into Life: The World of the Unborn and other videos into short clips which can be accessed through related subjects or at any time. This powerful and moving film, created by embryologist Derek Bromhall over a period of five years, tells the story of the creation of a new human life. Using the most advanced photographic techniques and animation, it shows in detail the processes by which egg and sperm are formed and the changes that take place at puberty.

The camera follows the path of the sperm through a woman's body until sperm and egg come together at the moment of conception. A tiny embryo's beating heart is filmed inside the womb as are the stages of growth of a baby during 38 weeks of pregnancy. The strangely beautiful world of the unborn child comes to a dramatic end as a baby is brought into our world.

Documentary Awards:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1991
Academy Award Nominee
Short Documentary Category

National Educational Film & Video Festival, 1993
The Silver Apple

New York Festival, 1991
Finalist Award

Cine Award, 1990

British Association for the Advancement of Science Awards
1989 Education Award

31st International Film and Television Festival of New York
1988 Gold Award (Educational, Adults)


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